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Monday, 20 August 2018

Berry Buckwheat Granola

Granola is one of my favourite things to make at home - it's just so easy to whip up, it's super cheap to make yourself and I love the variety of different flavours you can add to each batch. My latest granola creation is a little bit different because along with classic oats I've included buckwheat which adds an amazing crunch, contrast in texture and an extra hit of goodness. This isn't the best bit though, the magic ingredient has to be the Good Berries powder from The Good Guru which brings this wonderful berry flavour to the granola.  I've used the Good Berries product for a couple of years now, it's the best stirred into yogurt or porridge bowls but this granola has to be my favourite use for the superfood product. I can't tell you how deliciously sweet and fruity it is!

I normally add nuts, seeds and dried fruits to my homemade granola but adding the Good Berries powder brings so much goodness and naturally amazing flavour I feel like I don't need anything else in there. The superfood powder is a blend of five different berries with an array of health benefits. It's all freeze-dried to maintain the natural nutrients and sweet taste freshly picked berries have, as well as all the anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals too!


Monday, 6 August 2018

Potato Cakes with Herby Yogurt Drizzle (Vegan & GF)

This is such a simple recipe but one of my favourites for a mid-week dinner. Potatoes are undoubtedly one of the greatest foods out there - they're so versatile, so tasty and so filling as well. I'm always making things with potatoes whether that's homemade wedges, a jacket potato with yummy fillings or roast potatoes in the winter. The classics are all amazing but sometimes you just want a change, don't you? These Potato Cakes with a homemade herby yogurt drizzle are that welcome change you're after. Delicious as they are with a side salad, lots of veggies or perhaps a poached egg on top these potato cakes are a winning recipe that's bound to please the whole family.

This recipe is super simple with only a few ingredients but I guarantee you'll be overwhelmed with the outcome. I know after creating this recipe it's bound to be a staple on my meal plan for a long time! The first time I made these potato cakes I had a couple for lunch with a big side salad of fresh rocket, tomatoes and beetroot but next time I'm planning on having them for dinner with a poached egg on top as well as veggies like broccoli, corn on the cob, spinach and maybe some avocado.


Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Food For Friends - Brighton Restaurant Review

If you're a long time Nourishing Amelia follower you'll probably already know about Food For Friends restaurant in Brighton as I've talked about it a fair bit over the years I've been blogging. It was the first vegetarian restaurant I ever went to and although I've been to many more since then it still stands as my firm favourite. I've been back many times to sample the delicious dishes, indulge in the cocktails and devour the desserts. I was recently invited back to Food For Friends to review their menu and of course jumped at the chance!

Food For Friends is situated in the trendy and interesting South Lanes in an old but somewhat modernised building with a lot of character. It's perhaps smaller inside than you might imagine but in no way claustrophobic or pokey. The main room is filled with light thanks to the huge windows surrounding one side of the room - perfect for people watching too! I have to admit the decor appeared a little sad and dated when I visited this time around, it had lost some of it's elegant feel but it was still a lovely place to enjoy a meal.

When we walked into the restaurant we were greeted by a friendly waiter who seated us in the bar area for a few minutes before our table was ready. Once we were taken to our table we were given the menus and asked if we'd like some water - this is always a massive plus for me, if a restaurant doesn't offer water once you're seated I instantly get bad vibes. We also ordered two drinks that were a little more fun! We both decided on a mocktail as it was only lunchtime and I was instantly drawn to the Fizzy Fruit Cup - a seasonal mix of fresh fruit and purees topped with non-alcoholic prosecco....and yes, it was as good as it sounds and looks.

We ordered some starters to enjoy whilst we waited for our mains because 1. we were intensely hunger and 2. I can't ever resist the Food For Friends tofu starter! We ordered the Mirin Marinated Crispy Tofu with homemade sweet chilli sauce and the skin on skinny fries with aioli, both were absolutely divine. The tofu is something I order every time I go to FFF, I don't know how they cook it (I can only assume the chef has magical powers) but it's undoubtedly the best tofu I've ever had; the texture is spot on with a crispy coating and melt-in-your-mouth middle. The chips were also super tasty and wonderfully hot. 

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Pretty In Pink Smoothie Bowl

This heatwave we've been having in the UK has got be craving all the refreshing smoothies and sweet smoothie bowls. They're undoubtedly the best breakfast, snack or dessert on a hot day! I'm loving berry smoothie bowls the most at the moment that are jam-packed with anti-oxidants, a combination of fruity goodness and the most incredible colour. I also love to add a mixture of superfoods to my smoothie bowls for extra nutrients and flavour! I've been using superfoods from Indigo Herbs the most at the moment, they just have the best array of products to choose from and this recipe I'm sharing today features a few of my firm favours....including a very special product that helps create this amazing bright pink colour.

The base of this smoothie bowl is made with your classic frozen banana for super thickness and creaminess as well as a mixture of frozen berries. I used frozen strawberries and raspberries but really you could use anything you want - perhaps blueberries, cherries, pomegranate, blackberries!

Now onto the best part - the superfood powders! Now, superfoods definitely aren't essential for a healthy diet but they can help you add a boost of nutrients into your diet as well create a delicious taste. My new favourite product to add to smoothies is the Super Vital powder from Indigo Herbs which is the secret to this incredible colour. The Super Vital powder is a mixture of beetroot, baobab and acai which means it's brimming with antioxidants, it's high in vitamin C to promote a healthy immune system as well as potassium and vitamin also tastes delicious, which is of course the main thing.


Saturday, 21 July 2018

Turmeric Matcha Ice Cream Float

I'm a self confessed matcha obsessive, I drink matcha every day - I absolutely love the taste and how it makes me feel. However now the weather is warming up I haven't been craving my standard hot matcha with frothy oat milk, I've been reaching for an iced matcha latte instead. My iced matcha isn't any old iced matcha though, I've taken it to a whole new level with Pure Chimp's turmeric matcha powder, oat milk, a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream and drizzle of chocolate sauce! I don't do anything my halves.

I've been loving the Turmeric Matcha by Pure Chimp to not only get my matcha fix but a hit of anti-inflammatories too from the turmeric. You may know I've been on a real 'health comeback' mission lately and I feel like this matcha fills my body with so much goodness! The turmeric in this matcha adds such a depth of flavour, along with the cinnamon and ginger included in this mixture - I just adore it and it makes the tastiest iced matcha latte too. I add a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream and drizzle of chocolate sauce on the top for an indulgent extra that's so perfect on a hot Summer's day! Plus the smoothness of the ice-cream is a dream with the turmeric matcha flavours.

Matcha is amazing because it's one of the highest forms of antioxidants out there, which'll help you fight against the effects of UV radiation, prevent chronic disease and even help us to stay looking younger for longer. Matcha is also a great energy booster as it contains all natural caffeine, but fear not the caffeine in matcha is not the same as the caffeine in coffee. Matcha is absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream so shouldn't leave you feeling shaky or anxious. I know I personally feel naturally energised for a long period of time after a matcha and definitely notice my concentration improves.


Friday, 29 June 2018

5 Things I'm Doing To Keep My Skin Clear & Glowing

One of my biggest worries when I decided to come off the pill was the effect it might have on my skin. At around 15-16 years old (before I starting talking the pill) I used to get these horrendously painful spots all around  my jawline and chin, they were those under the skin type spots that you just couldn't do anything about and I became so self conscious. I'd always had very clear skin up until this point so suddenly having spots appearing and them being so painful wasn't much fun! I used to spend hours (literally) in front of the mirror trying to cover them up before even leaving my bedroom and I'd always have my hand in front of my face whenever I could to hide away from anyone who might be looking.

Today I have very clear skin and very rarely get any spots (touch wood). I think this change is due to cutting out dairy, eating a more whole foods diet but also taking hormonal birth control which no doubt had an effect. Now I've come off the pill I was concerned these spots might come back, which of course I really don't want! So I'm taking some steps in order to hopefully keep my skin looking clear, fresh and glowing.

Anti-Oxidant Foods
The food we eat absolutely has a direct impact on our skin and my diet is always the first thing I look at if I feel like my skin isn't looking it's healthiest. Getting those greens in is of course important but putting your focus on foods high in anti-oxidants is really going to give your skin the biggest oomph! Antioxidant rich foods can help to counteract the damage caused by pollution, stress or a poor diet and give your skin that little bit of love it could well be lacking. Foods such as blueberries, red peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, pomegranate and tomatoes are all amazing sources of these anti-oxidants.

Healthy Fats
Healthy fats are something I've been very conscious of making sure I get enough of during this time coming off the pill. Not only are they vital for female reproductive health but they're super important for healthy hair, nails and skin too! Your skin cells are surrounded by layers of fat that make up the cell walls, this layer incorporates fats you get from your diet and is absolutely essential for glowing, plum and healthy looking skin. Examples of these healthy foods would be nuts & seeds, oily fish, olive oil, avocados, etc.

Water is what our body needs the most to survive and it's also so important for healthy skin. Without adequate water intake daily our skin starts to look duller, pores will be more visible and wrinkles may begin to show. Getting enough water can also reduce the chances of breakouts as the concentration of oil in our skin is decreased. I like to add fresh lemon to my water for a hit of vitamin C which is not only an anti-oxidant so will help to promote radiant, blemish-free skin but the vitamin is also needed for the body to produce collagen which strengthens the skin.

Avoiding Sugar
I try to avoid refined sugar as much as I can and have started to keep even natural sugars to a minimum. Sugar is inflammatory to the body which causes collegian and elastin to break down in the skin! It can also be a cause of acne or rosacea. Foods high in sugar also tend to contain many artificial ingredients which won't be doing your skin any good at all. The worst culprits are things like packaged snacks, fizzy drinks, sweets, ice cream and white carbohydrates.

Invest In Skincare
High quality skincare is really important if you want glowing, healthy skin. Our skin absorbs up to 70% of what we put on it (that's a lot!), so want to make sure it's not absorbing nasty ingredients. I used to think high quality skincare meant a high price tag, but that's not the case! Coconut oil just by itself can be a wonderful moisturiser and I'm telling you, you won't find a better makeup remover than massaging coconut oil into your skin and wiping away with a damp flannel. I like to stick to more organic skincare with little to no alcohol, no parabens and free from fragrance.

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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