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Friday, 28 October 2016

Mocha Energy Balls

Coffee & chocolate - a match made in heaven! I've always loved that mocha taste and am obsessed with anything coffee flavoured. One of my favourite super quick & easy healthy sweet treats to make are energy balls, so why I hadn't thought of making mocha energy balls before is beyond me but now I've done it and they're SO delicious I just had to share the recipe with you all.

These mocha energy balls are little bites of heaven, they really don't taste at all healthy because they're so rich & chocolatey but they are in fact only made with natural, wholesome, unrefined ingredients that your body, mind and tastebuds will love!

I used a mixture of ground almonds and cashews which are so delicious combined together, flax for an omega boost, sticky medjool dates for natural sweetness, the all important ground coffee then coconut oil for adding goodness and to help hold everything together! Simples!



  1. i never tried making energy balls but they actually look amazing. i will try them.


  2. Hello, I'd like to make these but can't see any chocolate in the ingredients list. Please would you advise what chocolate source and how much to add in, if any? Thanks!

  3. Sprayable Energy is 100% natural and works incredibly well to give you the exact measured dosage that's right for you.
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